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The Three Steps of a Couples Therapy Assessment

You’ve scheduled your first assessment appointment… what’s going to happen? Each assessment appointment is longer than the therapy sessions which follow.  Therapy sessions are “double” sessions, which means they last an hour and forty minutes – double the length of a traditional 50 minute individual therapy session.  Each assessment appointment is currently two hours, as…

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Before your First Session

Besides balancing your feelings of nervousness and excitement about finally starting couples therapy, is there anything you should do before the first session? Just a few simple things. Your time in the assessment, and in therapy, is a time for complete and dedicated focus on the two of you. Please research in advance how to…

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What is Gottman Method Couples Therapy?

What grabbed me the first moment I heard Dr. John Gottman speak in the late 1990s was that his model for how to help couples was based on research. Actual research, lots of it, over many years, with hundreds of couples. I was sold, and with each new research finding he described, and how it…

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