Practical Tools
To create Your Best Relationship

Practical Tools
To create Your Best Relationship

Practical Tools
To create Your Best Relationship

Gottman Couples Therapy

What you Want in Couples Therapy

Hope:  Change and Repair are always possible

Tools:  Learn strategies to make real changes together at home

Expertise:  One of the best, most experienced Gottman couples therapists

Research-based:  Effective Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Inspiration:  Transform your relationship and reach for your dreams

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Rebuild friendship, improve conflict regulation, and rediscover shared meaning and dream with Certified Gottman Therapist Dr. Sarah Rattray in Seattle

Three Comprehensive Areas of Change

You'll describe to me where you're stuck in your relationship, your history together, and what your goals and dreams are going forward. I will help you in three main areas to:

1) Increase and rebuild the friendship, good feelings, and mutual respect between the two of you;

2) Improve your conflict regulation skills on problems you can solve, help you understand and talk about the difficult problems you are really stuck on, and decrease harmful, painful interactions; and

3) Create or rediscover the shared meanings, values and dreams between you that make a relationship rich and fulfilling.

How we'll Get Started

We'll begin with a complete relationship assessment spanning three "double" sessions.  As I get to know you, you have time to think, reflect, and perhaps see your relationship through fresh eyes.

I'll meet with the two of you together, as well as each of you alone once, and you'll complete a comprehensive set of questionnaires.

We wrap up the evaluation phase with another double session with the two of you, in which we discuss your strengths, the areas of your relationship that need work, and what a plan for therapy would include.  Assuming we're on the same page, we'd then begin therapy.

Learn the work in therapy to meet your goals, after your relationship assessment with Sarah Rattray, PhD, Couples Counselor
Connect with your partner with mindful intention - Couples Therapy with Sarah Rattray, PhD

Intentional, Mindful Connection

My greatest enjoyment and fulfillment in therapy is working hard with couples on the path towards intentional, mindful connection with one another. I look forward to assisting you in developing a relationship that nourishes and enriches your life journey, and witnessing the experience of your growth together.

When the two of you are able to truly be there for each other, your relationship can become a springboard to reaching for your higher goals in life.  When you know your partner has your back, you're even more free and empowered to discover your ultimate paths and journeys.

Gottman Couples Therapy

The Gottman Method was developed by John Gottman, Ph.D., after his many years of research with couples.  He has learned the differences between couples with successful relationships, and couples whose relationships end in divorce, or are unhappy for years.  It is a practical method, helping couples to improve their friendship, conflict regulation skills, and build deeper meaning between them.  This builds increased intimacy, affection and collaboration in small steps, which leads to greater satisfaction over time.

Couples Wait an average of six years, according to research, after they first notice their relationship is developing problems, before seeking the help of a couples therapist.  It's never too late, but the sooner you start, the more effective therapy can be.

Gottman Method Therapy in Seattle with Dr. Sarah Rattray: Build increased intimacy, affection, and collaboration, with a path forward.
Safely rebuild trust, and create a truly sustaining relationship. South of Edmonds with Sarah Rattray, PhD, Psychologist

The Therapy Environment

My office is a safe place to rebuild trust, to reconnect with your partner, and to craft a relationship that sustains the two of you.  While I sometimes listen quietly while the two of you discuss an issue, I will jump in and interrupt if conversations begin to build and shift into arguments.  In my office, and at home, you'll learn how to stop before arguments escalate into unpleasant conflicts, and how to return to a better discussion when you're both ready.

Dr. Sarah Rattray

As a Certified Gottman Therapist since 2000 and one of the original group of therapists in the Gottman Institute, I have received advanced training from John and Julie Gottman, and have added their philosophies to my many years of experience and other training in working with couples. In John Gottman's over 30 years of research with couples he has discovered what really works in a relationship. Working with you I will be objective and effective in helping you build a strong and fulfilling relationship.

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Objective, steady, and experienced, Dr. Sarah Rattray has been a Certified Gottman Therapist since 2000

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