Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Improve your mood and change your behaviors, thoughts, and patterns.

Tools, strategies, and coping skills to meet and move beyond your challenges.

Powerful Cognitive-Behavioral techniques and safety, support, and listening.

Dr. Rattray is a trusted expert in Cognitive Behavioral and holistic therapies, with over 25 years of experience listening, understanding, and guiding individuals ready for change.

Individual Therapy with Dr. Sarah Rattray, tailored to your specific needs.

To Begin

We will identify just what it is you would most like to get out of therapy. I will listen to your concerns so we can develop some goals you would like to work towards. The approach I will use with you is tailored to your specific needs.

For Specific Issues

you would like help with, I will work quickly and effectively to develop tools and strategies to improve your ability to cope with the problems you encounter in your daily life. I tend to use a cognitive-behavioral approach – I will focus on your thoughts and behaviors to help you achieve the level of satisfaction, happiness, or mastery that you are seeking in your life.
Cognitive-Behavioral tools and strategies with Dr. Sarah Rattray
Change long-standing issue from the past with Seattle Psychologist Sarah Rattray, PhD

For Long-Standing Issues

we may explore more deeply . We might talk about specific events and help you resolve feelings about these issues, or we might talk about your experiences throughout your life, within your family of origin and with other important people. I will work with you on any changes in long-standing patterns you want to make, and help you through that process.

My Approach to Therapy

is straightforward: we will concentrate on talking and listening. Together we will explore what is most helpful to you. You can be in control of the shape of your therapy with a flexible degree of guidance and feedback from me. Trusting a therapist you can feel safe and comfortable with is important for successful therapy.

Feel safe and comfortable and in control of therapy with Dr. Sarah Rattray in Seattle, WA