Pre-Marital Therapy

Pre-Marital Therapy

Pre-Marital Therapy

Before you get married...

Premarital Counseling, to explore expectations, and learn tools for relationship success.

Pre-marital counseling...

is helpful for many couples who want an overview of challenges that face them once they marry. They want to establish the best possible relationship patterns to serve them for years to come.

Many couples enjoy the opportunity to uncover the varied expectations, spoken and unspoken, they have about each other in preparation for marriage.

Other couples have specific issues they are stuck on, and they would like to examine and move ahead on these issues before they marry.

Some people benefit...

from the forum of pre-marital therapy to explore their doubts and fears, in order to make a more mindful decision on whether they should continue on to marriage together.  Exploring pre-wedding jitters can open the door to important new areas for understanding and communication, and also can air doubts and misgivings that may be based on important signals that the relationship may not be destined for long-term success.  

Spending some time in couples therapy together before getting married provides a welcome relief by clarifying misgivings and reservations, and increasing confidence in the decision to continue together or apart.   As part of therapy we will discuss tools for coping with your decisions.

Premarital Counseling for a lifetime together.
Premarital Counseling, a safe place to explore fears and doubts.

In pre-marital therapy...

we can work on any or all of these issues - your pre-marital therapy will be designed for just what you would like to work on or learn. Set the groundwork for a collaborative partnership for your lifetime together in pre-marital counseling.